Breaking bad habits early can help extend the life of your eyewear—saving you money and frustration. Dr. Specs Optical recommends that you avoid these habits when you’re wearing glasses—whether it’s your first pair or you’ve been wearing them for years.

Don’t clean them with tissue!

One of the biggest mistakes people make with their glasses is trying to clean their lenses with regular tissue like Kleenex. Tissue may feel soft to the touch, but for your lenses—it’s super rough! Regular cleaning with tissue causes tiny scratches on the surface of your lenses. Over time, those scratches can obscure and distort your vision when you’re wearing your glasses. To clean your eyewear properly, use a spray cleaner from your optician and a soft microfibre cloth.

Store them properly

Whenever you purchase a pair of glasses, they come with a storage case. For some people, the case sits at the bottom of a drawer and isn’t used day-to-day. But those cases are meant to be used to store your glasses after daily use. To make sure your glasses and sunglasses don’t get damaged, you should keep an eyeglass case anywhere that you take your glasses off—like your bedside table, office desk, car, or handbag. This helps ensure that your glasses stay protected when they’re not being worn.

Wear them carefully

Consider how many times you place your glasses on top of your head, or push hard on the nosepiece when your frames slide down your nose. Those simple actions can cause your frame to change shape and start to feel uncomfortable. This creates a vicious circle because the discomfort of a misaligned frame will cause you to keep adjusting it. Do your best to only wear your glasses around your ears, and use both hands at the temples to push your frame back up the bridge of your nose.
wearing eyeglasses

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