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Dr. Specs Optical can design and craft lenses:
  • for the multi-focal wearer, mid-range lenses, for the piano or computer work
  • specially for small, midrange items and activities like embroidering, miniature crafts and office work
  • and polarize them for boating, sailing, fishing, and all outdoor sports
  • to improve your sports, by improving your depth perception
  • to allow mechanics, carpenters, and pilots, who are multi-focal wearers, to focus close above their heads
  • to improve both night vision for driving and indoor vision
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Our licensed opticians will help you choose the right frame depending on several factors:
  • your face shape
  • your colouring
  • your lifestyle
  • your work environment
  • your hobbies
  • your prescription
Other factors that affect your frame choice are:
  • your face width (your frame needs to be wide enough for your face)
  • your eyebrow line (the top of your frame should follow your brow as close as possible)
  • your pupil alignment (your pupils should be in the center of your lenses)
Specific features to look for:
  • silicone nose pads fit and feel better, reduce slippage, and add comfort
  • spring hinges keep your glasses in proper alignment reduces the need for frequent adjustments
  • Titanium to eliminate metal allergies
As well as being stylish and flattering, your frames should be expertly crafted from lightweight materials, so they feel comfortable on your face.


Lens Materials

This is the most common material because it is half the weight of glass and much more impact resistant.
Polycarbonate is the lightest and most impact resistant material. These lenses also include 100% UV protection.
This is a thinner material in varying indices. Hi-index lenses also provide 100% UV protection.

Lens Design

Single Vision
Corrects one field of vision (distance or near).
Corrects two fields of vision (distance and near), with a line separating each field. Bifocal lines are unsightly and create a disturbing jump in your vision when you move from close-up to distance vision
Corrects three fields of vision (distance, intermediate, and near), with a line separating each field. Trifocals have the same drawbacks as bifocals plus the addition of another line on your lenses.
Progressive (multifocal)
Corrects all fields of vision and are designed to deliver maximum performance while providing the most natural vision. This is accomplished by smooth, uninterrupted transition from one viewing distance to another, so you’ll always experience the clearest close-up, intermediate, and distance vision without unsightly lines.


  • Scratch-resistant (reduce those caused by everyday wear).
  • Extends the life of your lenses
  • Eye protection from blue light that computers emit
Most lenses come with a manufacturer’s coating on the front surface; you can add a similar coating to the back. You can also choose to have both sides of your lenses coated with an extra durable scratch-resistant coating which includes a two-year warranty.

Anti-reflective lenses let more light through to your eye which enables you to see better. This is very important because as we age, we need more light to see properly.

Anti-reflective lenses virtually eliminate annoying glare and reflections caused by neon lights, computer screens, and vehicle headlights.

Anti-reflective lenses improve vision and reduce eyestrain by reducing glare and reflections.

Anti-reflective lenses appear almost invisible which makes your eyes the focus of attention, not your lenses.


Add a light tint to your lenses to reduce glare and eyestrain.

Or choose a dark tint and make your lenses into sunglasses (ensure you add a UV400 coating).


Have a built-in adjustable tint that adjusts to the light you are in. These lenses darken in outdoor light and quickly become virtually clear indoors.


Protects your eyes from harmful UV rays which have been linked to cataracts and other eye damage.


Did you know that prolonged exposure to direct UV radiation can harm your eyes as well as your skin? Custom sunglasses with 100% UV400 protection are available whether you wear single vision, bifocal, trifocals, or progressive lenses. Ask our licensed opticians or eyewear consultants about the many tints that are available, and which works best for your needs. Choose your frame, your lenses, your tint, add UV400 and you have custom sunglasses! 95% of our sunglasses are sold in our 2 for 1 prescription offer.
Looking for sunglasses in Kelowna? You’ve come to the right place. Our technicians make sure you go home with exactly what you are looking for. Shop with us for high quality sunglasses made to last. Top Canadian brands. Numerous styles to choose from. Friendly knowledgeable staff.
We are proud to be an authorized dealer for Ray Ban, Fysh, Kliik, Hugo Boss, Superflex, Stepper, Evatik, and Izumi. We feature Canadian designer frames for the highest quality, affordability and availability.

Ray Ban

Ray Ban has developed the most advanced sun lens technology designed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. They combine colour enhancements (from pink to grey and every shade in between) with polarized UV protection for the ultimate eyewear product. Polar filters eliminate glare and anti-reflection coatings help you see object better in your periphery. These lenses are water and fingermark repellent for easy care. They offer so many styles you simply have to come in and try them on! Work with us to choose the perfect pair. Shop for classic aviator, round, original and new Wayfarer and the vintage inspired Club Master. The Ray Ban Evolve Photochromic lenses shift from clear to gray inside or out with changing light levels.

Fysh Eyewear

Fysh eyewear – fashionista minded – inspired by the latest runway trends. No fabulous outfit is complete without them. Their collection features unique patterns to delight, custom laminations and a serious plethora of colors. Always atop the trends in fashion eyewear, new designs include nude tones, metallic hues and glitter in modified cat eye, round, square and aviator shapes.


KLiiK is inspired by minimalistic Scandinavian design. Ultra-modern. If you want to make a professional statement KLiiK is the eyewear for you. Specifically designed for men and women requiring smaller eye sizes. Try on a pair of their ultra-lightweight aviator glasses and you’ll be hooked.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss designer glasses for men and women are perfect for your office persona. Find the perfect frame to match both your style and personality. Hugo Boss designs with sophisticated comfort in mind so you can wear your eyeglasses stress free. High quality, superior designs and luxury all in one frame.


Superflex prescription glasses – cool and simple. They’ve designed a vast collection to please every lifestyle and fashion taste possible. With Superflex you can shop for the whole family and choose from a full palette of fun colours and classic shapes.
Stepper is ahead of the game for embracing new materials that create durable eyewear. They focus on design expertise and manufacturing processes to deliver gorgeous yet comfortable eyewear. High quality, affordable, and expertly crafted.


Masculine styles to suit the modern man. Our Evatik eyewear collections include corrective eyewear and sunglasses so our 2 for 1 special will get you the perfect match. Evatik eyewear presents a perfect balance between function and fit with aesthetically pleasing deep colours to exude a sophisticated male essence.


A Canadian brand artfully merging Western fashion trends with Eastern details. Their designs incorporate ethnicity with fun to offer a brand for customers who are not afraid to make a strong statement. Interested in bright red, toxic yellow or intense azure? Izumi glasses are a fashionista’s dream in eyewear. Choose your design from collections for both men and women.
putting in contact lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses should do three things: provide clear vision, fit your cornea properly, and address any personal issues or preferences you have. Contact lenses come in tens of thousands of combinations of size, shape and power, to ensure comfortable fit and great vision correction.
Various contact lens designs are available for different vision problems. Spherical contact lenses correct nearsightedness or farsightedness and are indicated by a minus or plus in your prescription. Bifocal contact lenses are like multi-focal eyeglasses in that they use different optical zones to correct presbyopia (the decreased ability see at both near and far distances). Toric contact lenses correct astigmatism, which can accompany either nearsightedness or farsightedness.
All the contact lenses mentioned above can be custom fabricated for unusual prescriptions, and many other contact lens designs are available as well, including designs for conditions like keratoconus. Keratoconus occurs when your cornea thins and gradually bulges outward into a cone shape. This causes blurred vision and sensitivity to light and glare.
Our contact lens fitters will evaluate your eyes to determine which lens is right for you and will consider your special needs such as dry eyes, a desire for color change or the need for overnight wear. They will also consider your daily activities and the environment in which you will wear your contact lenses.