Eyeglasses are a significant investment. This is not only because they can be quite expensive, but also because we depend on them to see clearly. This makes glasses an essential part of our lives.
There are a few basic bad habits that most people have when it comes to eyewear. Taking your glasses off with one hand, cleaning your lenses with your clothes, placing them down on surfaces instead of in a case – are all things that you may have done at one point in time or another. Take a moment to think about the hassle of replacing your glasses if they get damaged! Here are some tips on how to take care!

Remember to take them off with both hands

One common mistake most people make is that they remove their sunglasses or prescription glasses with one hand. Doing this frequently will cause the frame of the glasses to become loose and may also cause it to sit crookedly on your face. Always remember to remove your glasses with both hands by holding both arms of the glasses. This will help you to avoid stretching/expanding the frame.

Keep a Case Handy

Some people fall asleep wearing their glasses, or in a hurry place them face down. Scratches appear. All of this can be avoided with a little extra care taken to place your glasses back in their case when not in use. You should use a hard case for both prescription and sunglasses, ensuring the glasses are placed with the lens facing up.

Clean your glasses regularly

Cleaning your glasses is one thing but cleaning them the right way is another thing. When you need to clean your glasses, always remember to use the right materials. The first step to try and use a eyeglass spray. This is to ensure that there are no particles that can cause scratches on the lenses as you wipe them. Next, use a microfiber cloth to clean. Don’t be tempted to use a shirt or towel!

Need New Glasses or a Repair?

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