Vision issues can obviously make it difficult to see properly, but they can also affect your health if left untreated. To ensure that you can see clearly, it’s important to schedule regular eye exams. Typically, optometrists recommend a complete eye exam once every two years. And often these are covered by the insurance carried by your employer!
Schedule a visit with our eye doctor at Dr Specs Optical in Kelowna if you experience any of the following symptoms:
  1. Difficulty focusing on objects: The inability to focus on objects close up (presbyopia) or at a distance (myopia) are the most common symptoms of eyesight deterioration. If you find yourself squinting to see things far away or bringing objects closer to you so you can see more clearly, you may need prescription eyewear.
  2. Flashers or floaters: Once light passes through your eye’s lens and hits the light-sensing cells of your retina, your brain receives signals to process the image. For patients with diabetes, the retina can become swollen or inflamed, which can cause symptoms, including blurred vision, floaters, or flashes of light. For others, this could be a sign of more advanced eye damage.
  3. Halos around objects: To be able to see, your eye needs light to pass through the lens to your retina. When you are developing cataracts, your lens becomes cloudy and blocks the light from adequately entering your eye. This creates a fog or halo around objects.
  4. Blind spots: The macula is located in the middle of your eye’s retina and is responsible for your central vision and finer details like colours and textures. Light needs to hit your macula’s photoreceptor cells for your surroundings to appear clearly. With macular degeneration, the tissues of your macula break down—making it difficult to see clearly in your central line of sight. Objects can appear fuzzy, or you can experience blind spots in your field of vision.
  5. Sensitivity to light: Natural sunlight and light from overhead is needed to make your eyes function properly. Light sensitivity is a common symptom of several different vision issues, including corneal abrasions (micro-scratches on the surface of your eyeball), dry eyes, and keratitis (inflammation of the cornea).

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