If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, you may be hesitant to try them because you’ve heard common myths about them hurting your eyes or being difficult to wear. We understand your concern. We created this article to help you decide whether prescription contact lenses are right for you.

Myth #1: Contact lenses are uncomfortable

It may seem strange that having something in your eye could be comfortable. However, contact lenses have been designed to replicate the thin membrane of your eye, so there is minimal discomfort. Many long-time contact lens wearers comment that they can’t even tell they’re wearing them.

Myth #2: Contact lenses can float behind your eye

Some people believe that a contact lens can float behind your eye and get lost. This is technically impossible because there is a thin membrane (conjunctiva) that covers your eyeball and connects behind it to the optic nerve—blocking the lens from getting lost.

Myth #3: Contact lenses cause eye damage

Regular daily use of contact lenses does not cause eye damage. However, you may put your eyes at risk of injury if you leave your contact lenses in too long, don’t clean them properly, or if they are stored in an unsanitary container. At Dr Specs in Kelowna, we recommend wearing and caring for your contact lenses according to your optometrist’s care instructions.

Myth #4: People with astigmatism can’t wear contact lenses

Technology has allowed the contact lens industry to innovate and design lenses to align with different eye conditions. Astigmatism, for example, can be corrected with special toric contact lenses. Specialty lenses for astigmatism come in a range of daily use and extended-wear varieties.

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