You can buy almost anything online these days – including eyeglasses. But should you?

There are some advantages to buying glasses online.

When you buy glasses online you have a wide variety of choice in frame styles and colors. You’ll probably save time compared to going to an in-person store. You may even save a little money. But there are some problems with buying glasses online as well:
  • You don’t get to try the glasses on in person and see the real look.
  • Returning these online glasses can be difficult.
  • Some things required to order online (like measuring pupil distance) are difficult to do yourself.
  • To have a really good fit, frames usually need to be adjusted in person at your favourite eyeglass store. It’s rare that frames will fit well without adjustment.
When you come to our Kelowna store, we help you choose the right frame based on many different factors including:
  • your face shape
  • your skin and hair colour
  • your lifestyle
  • your work environment
  • your hobbies
  • your prescription
  • your face width (your frame needs to be wide enough for your face)
  • your eyebrow line (the top of your frame should follow your brow as close as possible)
  • your pupil alignment (your pupils should be in the center of your lenses)
That kind of tailored fit simply isn’t available online. If you want to be sure your glasses are the right fit for your face and lifestyle, there really is no substitute for buying them in-person.

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