With so many of our everyday activities taking place online, it’s no wonder computer vision syndrome is affecting so many people. Also known as digital eye strain, this condition results from too many hours spent in front of a computer or mobile device. It doesn’t just affect your eyes—it can also cause fatigue, headaches, and neck discomfort. Your optometrist can diagnose you by doing an eye examination and vision test.
The following tips can help protect you and your eyes from computer vision syndrome:

Prescription Glasses

If you’re leaning forward in your chair or squinting to see computer text and images more clearly, you may need new prescription glasses or a renewed prescription for your existing frames. A regular check-up at least once every two years will ensure that your prescription is up to date and reduce any strain you’re putting on your eyes by using the computer.

Tinted Lenses

Computer and mobile device screens give off an unnatural light that can cause eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches after several hours of use. Glasses with tinted lenses are a great way to reduce the blue light and allow your eyes to relax. Ask your optician about the benefits of green or yellow tints.

Custom Lighting

Bright lighting at the office or home can increase eye sensitivity and cause squinting and headaches. To reduce the impacts of artificial light on your eyes, dim the lights when you can or switch your lightbulbs to “soft white” varieties with lower wattage.

Rest and Refresh

One of the most important parts of protecting yourself from computer vision syndrome is to take lots of breaks. Many people work for many hours on the computer each day, and it can be easy to forget to rest. Stand up, take a quick walk around and try some light standing stretches to refresh your eyes and body.

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