As people with diabetes are aware, the long-term effects of this devastating disease are wide-ranging. Did you know that diabetic eye disease includes several different eye problems that can impact people dealing with diabetes? This disease can include diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, cataracts, and glaucoma.
Diabetic eye disease is caused by one’s blood glucose staying high over a long period of time, which begins to affect the blood cells in the eye. It is something that occurs over a significant amount of time but can begin in prediabetes. It is a very common among people with diabetes. Some of the signs and symptoms include blurry vision, blood vessel problems that manifest in leaking fluid or eye swelling, flashes of light, poor colour vision, and more.

How to Avoid and Prevent Diabetic Eye Disease

Entirely avoiding diabetic eye disease may not be possible, as some elements are out of your control. However, certain tell-tale signs of risk can be identified early during regular eye examinations. If you have high blood glucose or pressure that goes untreated for a long period, this can lead to severe eye problems down the road. A physician can prescribe treatments and lifestyle changes to help if these problems develop, but the best practice is to be proactive and not let it reach that point.
Experts recommend scheduling eye exams at least once a year to avoid the risk of diabetic eye disease. These exams can reveal and treat problems before they even develop, reducing the impact of diabetic eye disease. If you are in the Kelowna area, call us for an appointment for exams and all optometry needs. With an on-site optometrist, numerous great eye products, and a friendly team, you have all you need in one place. Combat the risk of diabetic eye disease with a proactive approach, and head to Dr. Specs Optical.